a formidable force in the Arts & Media community

Cheryl Nembhard is a formidable force in the Arts & Media community and has been has been a long standing Advocate against Social Injustice in the City of Toronto for many years. Through her work, Cheryl continues to define the title 'Arts Advocate' as she uses her incredible talents in Theatre & Film, tackling some of the toughest societal topics.

Beyond the stage, she has dedicated most of her life to community service, helping those in need and speaking for the marginalized. For over a decade, Cheryl has been involved in the rehabilitation of troubled youth, former gang members, ex- drug addicts, rape victims and teenage mothers. Cheryl has focused her life on working and establishing creative spaces as outlets to discover themselves and find healing.

She has a unique ability to gauge the pulse of the City and respond artistically. In 2016, Cheryl's artistic work and social engagement produced two films 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' & 'Truth'; short films on Depression & Cutting and Sex Trafficking in Toronto.

Cheryl's advocacy and influence have been recognized over the years. More recently she was honoured with the Award of Excellence Humanitarian award in Toronto, as well as the Pioneer for 2016 award recognizing her work with Youth & the Arts. Cheryl was also recently featured by CBC Toronto as one of 150 Black Women who have made a place in Canadian History and in April, 2017 she was awarded the 2017 BBPA Harry Jerome Social Advocacy award, the highest national award level for African Canadians. Cheryl is currently a co-host on See Hear Love a national women’s talk show on YES TV.